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There’s much more to a Roller blind than you may think! From modern florals and abstract patterns to contemporary classics and retro style, the Roller blinds range is packed with exciting prints that will really make a statement in your home. Of course, there’s also a brilliant range of plains in bold tones, neutrals, whites and creams, plus textured, sheer and blackout fabrics too. You can add style to your Roller blind with one of our shaped bottoms, and accessorise with our choice of poles, eyelets, beaded trims, and braids. To view the full range of Roller blinds and to discover more about our current offers, make an in home appointment today! See what roller blinds will look like in your home. We’ll bring you the full range to browse – Request an appointment today


Roller Blind Olive


  • Our sheer horizon product is available in a range of soft colours and black in wovwn 100%polyester.

  • Unique visual experience.

  • Combining the advantages of draperies, shades and blinds, these shades offer light control, an unobstructed view of the outside.

  • This product is mounted to a twin groove 32mm tube and mounted in a covered cassette with aside action control

  • Don’t miss out – Request an appointment with Cairo Blinds and we will visit you at a time convenient to you!

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