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This season’s top choices are designer greys plus gorgeous distressed shades, perfect for creating a light, airy and relaxed feel in a room. We have a great choice of natural wood tones and painted shades in a selection of whites, off-whites, creams and black too. And take a look at our new extra wide slat width. At 63mm it is perfect for creating a shutter-style look at your window. Plus it allows a great view of the outside world and maximizes the amount of light coming into the room when in the open position. Other slat widths are also available. Decorative tapes can be added to your Wood Venetian blind for an extra touch of luxury. To view the full range of Wood Venetian blinds and to discover more about our current offers, request an appointment today.




  • Four slat widths – 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 63mm

  • Co-ordinating cords and a matching valance

  • Option to add tapes

  • Gorgeous wood effect range, perfect for steamy rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms

  • Choice of natural wood shades, distressed shades and painted finishes

  • Don’t miss out – Request an appointment with Cairo Blinds and we will visit you at a time convenient to you!

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